Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Friday, March 31, 2023

Connor's High School Tennis

Recently, Connor played against Charlie for high school tennis. Charlie played for Episcopal's varsity team, although he's technically still an 8th grader. Connor played against Charlie in the double's match and against one of Charlie's teammates for the singles match. There's been a lot of tennis for Connor lately and he's risen to the occasion and has been working hard to improve his game. It's neat to see him improving and he's had a great attitude about it and has made some good friends on the team. They have practice almost every day after school, except for Wednesdays and days when there's a match. It's been awesome that he's been driving himself to school now, he's an independent man now!

Andrea's his biggest fan and she goes to almost all of his matches. Aunt Amanda and Graydon have been coming to his matches too, and they've been great supporters of our kids' sports endeavors.

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