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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, March 31, 2023

Ms Deb and Ms Cindy - Millie Mae's Lovely Caretakers

Ms Deb has been in our life for a few years now and we would be lost without her. Ever since we had Chloe, she's been wonderful about taking care of our puppy dogs when we're out of town. Even when Chloe was in her waning years and was a lot of work, Deb would still happily take her and took great care of her. 

Millie Mae's another type of handful and Deb has gotten to know Millie since she was a puppy. When convenient, Ms Deb will even pick her up and drop her off for us, as well as getting our mail and deliveries while we're away. While at Ms Deb's, Millie has an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and hopefully that will help her to be less shy. 

Ms Deb sent a few pics while we were on our California vacation, including a pic of them brushing Millie Mae's teeth, which we do every night at home, but didn't really expect Ms Deb to do. They love Millie, possibly as much as we do, and we're so fortunate that she has a safe and loving place to stay while we travel.

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