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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Connor's new room

On our Disney trip, Connor slept on a big mattress in Daytona Beach and proved that he was a good listener and was ready to graduate up to the big boy bed and big boy room. When we got home, we put the last few finishing touches on his room and this last week Connor officially moved in.

The furniture is actually Mommy's set that she got from her parents when she turned thirteen, so it's pretty special that we're able to use it for Connor now. He gets the coolest of the non-master bedrooms, across the catwalk upstairs. There are Choo-Choo trains up on the walls and his name too above the closet. It's nice to be able to lie down in bed next to him when reading books.

He really seems to like the new room. He's slept in the room for seven nights today and he does a great job of staying in his bed when he wakes up. He's been sleeping normally and it's been a very easy transition.

It's hard to get it all in on a picture so we took a short video.

Short video of his room:

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Richard said...

GREAT ROOM! WOW! What a lucky guy. Love all the added stuff in there - the Choo Choo and such. Very cute you guys.