Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conversations with Connor

We wanted to start doing a recurring post about the things that Connor saying at a point in time.

Here's the current list:
- "Oh Maaaaaan!" - He says this one all the time whenever things don't go his way.
- "How Bout" - He's always looking for compromise. If Mommy's working on something and can't play he'll say "How Bout Daddy?"
- "Nope" - He hardly ever says "No" recently, it's always "Nope"
- "This" - Everyone and everything can apparently be referred to as "This"
- "Scuse Me" - He's very polite. If Daddy's resting his feet on the ottoman that we store Connor's toys in he'll say "Scuse Me Daddy". Mommy taught him very good manners.
- "Nosey" - We've been hearing this one a lot lately. When his nose is running he'll say "My Nosey! My Nosey!"
- The other morning Daddy was getting Connor dressed and we were in a hurry. After getting his clothes on Daddy grabbed his feet and tipped Connor over to put Connor's shoes on. Connor got very irritated and said: "Hey Daddy! No knock down me!"
- "Shoot bad guys" - Everything and anything is a gun and he likes to run around and shoot at the bad guys he imagines are always around.

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