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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chloe and the stinky egg

Chloe is gross.

There are many stories of her doing horridly disgusting things and this morning was another fun one. I gave her a bath this morning and she was sparkly clean when we went out front to play. I hadn't tied her up yet and after a couple minutes I noticed her rolling in the grass with a focused determination. You could tell there was something she liked and she was vigorously scooting her left shoulder in to it and was just starting to roll the rest of her body in it when I yelled at her to stop.

When I looked at her, there was something that looked like a huge booger on her back and even without getting too close I could smell that it was something disgusting. We see her doing this kind of thing from time to time, but usually when you go over to the area where she was doing it you can't see what it was. Today, I when I went over to the spot in the grass I could see a crushed robin egg. It looked like the embryo inside was partially formed and had gone rotten and then had been crushed. The perfect thing to roll around in!

I hosed Chloe off and then put soap all over her. I decided I would get a picture of her and her disgusting prize today before hosing her off again and that's why she looks miserable in the picture as she sits next to the egg. She would much rather have the rotten egg on her fur than the nice soap.

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