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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 6, 2011

House For Sale!

This past week we officially listed our house for sale. It's been a lot of work to de-clutter and get the house in shape to sell. We have been talking about moving to Florida for years and with Shawn's job, now it's possible. So we decided to take the first big step in our new adventure. This past week we had the stager come by and rearrange our furniture and decorate. Thursday the photographer and realtor came to take pictures and put the sign out front. The house is listed online and our realtor's been doing quite a bit of marketing to get our house attention. This morning was our first showing! Hope it doesn't take too long, it's hard to keep the house picked up and presentable with two little kids and a puppy dog.

We're going to eventually get the full sized pictures and will post them. For now I've just copied a few of the pictures from the online listing.

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