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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paige talking - Da Da and Bubba

We got a cute picture of Paige talking today. She's been saying quite a few things pretty consistently lately. Not the typical baby babble, it's got meaning behind it and she will do it if you ask her too. She is saying family member names "Ma Ma", "Da Da" and "Bubba" (We call Connor Bubba) pretty routinely.

Mommy brought Paige up to Daddy's office because Paige had been saying "Da Da'. Daddy's office was getting hot, so I'm wearing my undershirt only at this point. Ah... the advantages of working from home!

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Francesca said...

What a super cute baby girl! ...and what a super cute family, as well!
Just stopping by to say this, and "Hi!" from Italy :)