Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Puddlejumpers parade in Odessa

This morning was the Puddlejumpers parade in Odessa and we decided to all go. The weather wasn't too hot and it was a little cloudy so it was a surprisingly mild day considering all the 100+ degrees days we've been having.

Amanda cuddled Connor before the parade. We have to tell Connor to "Smile with your eyes open" quite a bit and looks like we'll have to start coaching Auntie as well.

Allison was a big help as usual. She also scrambled to pick up all the candy that came our way.

Paige got a bit frightened by the loud sirens and motorcycles. At one point she was shaking from it all and Mommy had to cuddle her. It all was probably especially loud with her new tubes. Mommy was good about covering up her ears when it got loud.

Connor was sure to cover his ears when the motorcycles came by!

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