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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf and Jingle

While we were in Florida, Mommy picked up "The Elf on the Shelf" and "Jingle".  The Elf is a little guy that watches over Connor and Paige to see if they've been good or bad throughout the day. At night, he flies to the North Pole to tell Santa if the kids have been good, then he comes back to the house (sometimes with a gift) and ends up somewhere new every morning. There is a cute book that explains it all to the kids and they love searching for him every morning. Connor decided the elf's name would be "Gin". (See him hanging from the lamp?) Gin's brought a few Backyardigans stuffed animals for Connor and some PJ's too, so far.

Andrea also got Paige a neat puppy dog book. Jingle (sitting on the end table) is a stuffed puppy that likes to listen while we read some special Jingle books to Paige. Whenever we get to certain parts, Jingle will bark or sing or whine depending on what's happening in the story. Paige thinks it's great fun. Every time Jingle makes a sound she will burst out with a loud silly over the top laugh. It's infectious and even Connor will do the same silly laugh whenever Jingle barks along to the story. She loves to read the books and will carry the books and Jingle to us every night after dinner.

I had to throw in this picture too. Connor kept sticking his hand in his mouth while we were trying to get a picture and I asked him to put his hands down. Well, what does Paige do? She raises her stinking hands over her head! Connor did too and it turned out to be a cute pic.

Paige has really been enjoying books lately. One of her favorites is "Hippos Go Berserk". She always does a silly dance at the midpoint of the book when you say "All the hippos go berserk!".

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Richard said...

What a nice idea. Looks like a fun thing, that elf.