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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, July 20, 2012

Built in wall unit and sofa table

Our Family Room is not quite complete, but we did get our built in wall unit and sofa table finished.

It was a big decision on what to put on our big wall in the family room and we splurged a bit to make it nice since it would be a focal point in the house. We'd looked at a bunch of options, but nothing out of the box really fit the space well and we went with a custom built in. Andrea talked to a couple different carpenters in the area, but Rich Warchol won us over with his portfolio and his ability to sketch out his vision on paper within just a couple of minutes. It's almost impossible to convey the size of the built in, but it's pretty enormous and very well put together. It has granite counter tops and lots of storage drawers and cabinets.

We got a 70" TV for it, which seemed big until I mounted it. It's a great size and you can see it easily all the way in the kitchen. We also set up a monitor as a picture frame on the left side that cycles through all of our photos. I hooked it up to the big TV too and it's fun to see our pictures on the big screen.

We were worried the built in would almost be too big at 9 feet tall, but in the space it works very well. If you see it with the tall ceilings, it almost looks small!

For scale purposes, and because it was a cute picture, we put Connor and Paige on the wall unit for a quick pic.

Rich also built a custom table for us. Andrea found a picture online of a neat sofa table with a "Greek Key" design. It went really well with the geometric prints Andrea's used to decorate with and she looked everywhere for it. Unfortunately it's no longer made, and it wasn't ideal anyways with the shiny silver material it was made from.

Andrea sent the picture to Rich and he built us one, painted to match the built in wall unit. It turned out beautifully.

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