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Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connor's Stop-Motion Car movie

Connor's favorite activity is to race his cars around the track and simulate exciting crashes. The only thing that makes this more fun is to pull up videos on Youtube and watch them while he plays. He loves to find videos of the movie "Cars", and recently he came across a bunch of videos that were put together by kids. Some of the videos are pretty simple with a parent filming the child pushing around the cars, but his favorite videos are the ones "without hands" in them moving the cars.

Tonight, during our typical story time, I explained the process of how the videos were made and right away he wanted to do a very complex one. I talked about how hard the process was, and did a very small example and it only made him want to dive right in. I took a few series of pictures and them flipped through them on my phone to show him how it would look.

I was blown away by how quickly he picked it up. He would sometimes move some of the cars more than he should, but he understood the concept and we put together three sequences of pictures. I put them together on the computer. He loved it, but was disappointed there wasn't music, so I added a flashy soundtrack. Also, he LOVES it when someone is talking about the action, it definitely makes it more exciting. I had him do a voiceover and although he repeats the words "Oh Man" about one hundred times, it's pretty cute.

We really enjoyed making the video, and will definitely be doing some more. Next time, I'll probably use a better camera that doesn't lose focus.

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Richard said...

That is cool you guys. Make some more of those.