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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daytona Beach with the Longs

This weekend we drove down to Daytona Beach for the weekend. On Saturday morning, Andrea thought it'd be fun to go miniature golfing with the kids. 

Connor had a lot of fun, but Paige lost interest in the golfing within the first couple holes. She mostly ran around the golf course, climbing on things and getting herself filthy.

For lunch, we went to Inlet Harbor with the Longs and had a yummy lunch. 

After lunch we went to the beach for a while and then to the pool. The kids all had a really good time and the weather was perfect for it.

Paige took a nap on Mommy.

Gail and Clay relaxed by the pool.

The kids all enjoyed doing "Ninja Warrior" obstacles. They all tried climbing up the steel hand rail. I got a few pictures of Connor looking very determined as he made his way up.

We ate pizza for dinner and then the Longs had to say farewell. Gail asked Paige if she'd like to come home with them and Paige thought she was serious. She grabbed her stuffed animals and her shoes and ran out to the elevator with them. She was very cute about it, and was sad to see them go.


Richard said...

looks like a fun time.

Richard said...

looks like a fun time.