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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ninja Warrior with Connor

It's that time of year again when American Ninja Warrior is on TV. Connor and I watch it every week and ever since it's been on, Connor's been wanting to do Ninja moves and play obstacle course all the time. At first, we just built obstacle courses for his action figures, but in our new house we've got a lot of space in the bonus room upstairs so Connor and I have been putting together obstacle courses that he can go across personally. We pretend the carpet is water and he can't touch it and he really loves practicing.

Typically when he does the obstacles, I'm the announcer and I give a play-by-play account of his progress. Each time he falls, we pretend that a new competitor is up next and I always make up a name and biography for each person.

He's gotten pretty good and I probably need to come up with some more challenging obstacles for him to work on, but I'm a little worried he's going to get hurt.

I took a few videos the other night as he progressed through the course.

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