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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stair carpet

We've been doing quite a bit around the house since we moved in. Not many rooms are "done" yet, but we'll update on some of the projects as we finish them.

In our house in KC, we had some stair carpet that was a different material that was good for high-wear areas. Our new house came with regular carpet on the stairs and Andrea wanted to pull it up straight away and replace with something neat. I was against it at first, but relented eventually. After everything was moved in to the new house we had the new carpet put in. Andrea found it herself online. It is really neat looking and is 100% wool too, so very durable and should last a long time.

I will admit, it really turns a boring staircase into something much more interesting.


Unknown said...

Hey Shawn!

I work at a flooring store in Tyler, Texas & we have a customer who LOVES this look on your stairs. Could you tell me what it is/where you bought it?!

Thank you so much. :)


Shawn Vernon said...

Hi Courtney, the carpet is Tessio. Image below shows the details.

Mrs. Hairston said...

I know your post is a few years back, but glad to know you are from the KC area, I live in Grandview, and if the location you purchased the carpet is still operating do you mind stating where you got it from? I've been looking locally for something similar and haven't been able to find anything. Thanks.

Go Chiefs!!!

Shawn Vernon said...

We purchased it in KC through a small company run by a lady named Tonda. I don't know if they're still in business, but my wife still had her # in her phone. The phone # is 816-806-198five. I typed out the last number as five so it wouldn't get parsed by any computer spam systems.