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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grandpa and Grandma Vernon spend time with the kids

Last weekend, Andrea and I went on our first adult vacation in about 2 years together. We are very lucky to have Grandpa and Grandma Vernon so close to us and while we were gone, Grandma Alice stayed at our house and took care of the kids, made sure Connor got to and from school as well as to soccer.

It was great to know that our kids were in good hands and we appreciate it so much.

Grandma Alice got a lesson in how to spike Connor's hair just right as well as how to put Paige's hair up in a ponytail with a bow. Grandma let Sissy get a little carried away with picking out bows! When we got home, Paige had THREE bows and ponytails. I had to get a picture. It was pretty wild and pretty cute.

This past week, Grandma and Grandpa also picked up Connor and Paige on Wednesday evening and took them to a pumpkin patch nearby. They played on the playground, rode the hay ride, played with the animals in the petting zoo and had a good time together.

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