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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sea World

On Friday the 26th, Abby, Genie, Drew and Allison came to Florida to visit! Their flight got delayed a bit on Friday, so they didn't get in until the afternoon that day.

On Saturday, we all packed up the car and drove to Sea World in Orlando. We were worried that Hurricane Sandy would hit, but thankfully it stayed off to the East and the weather was very nice for the day.

We just had to stop at Uno's on the way in to Orlando.

We saw lots of sea animals and some pretty neat shows too. The Killer Whale show was neat, but the dolphin show was amazing. It was very well done and over the top.

We wrote the Manta Ray rollercoaster just before the park closed down. Andrea, Abby, Drew and I decided to ride it since the wait wasn't too long. It was probably the best rollercoaster I've been on. You are suspended, looking straight down like Superman. It was pretty awesome. Andrea and Abby shrieked like banshees and Andrea said her eyes were closed almost the whole time. It was very exciting!

Drew loved touching the stingrays and fed them some raw fish too.

We left at 8 pm and were pooped. We grabbed a quick dinner at Chipotle and Sissy couldn't even stay awake for it.

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