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Monday, October 15, 2012

The first family bike ride

This past Sunday we went on our first family bike ride. Andrea and I got some bikes recently and finally got the trailer and everything put together. There's a fun playground at the park where Connor plays soccer and I decided to figure out how far away it was. After his game on Saturday, I measured it with the car's odometer and it was 4 miles. I run 3 miles, almost to the park, from our house and in my brain it made sense that biking would be approximately twice as easy and I thought it would probably take half as long as running.

I was way off. First, biking uses completely different muscles than running and I'm not in good biking shape. Secondly, when pulling two children, it makes biking more difficult. I will usually run 6 miles at approximately a 10 minute pace. I figured it would take about 20 minutes by bike. Instead, it took almost 40 minutes to get there and I was exhausted and sweaty. Next time, maybe we'll go somewhere closer or wait until it gets a little cooler.

The kids enjoyed the ride!

Connor loves the playground at Veteran's Park. Lots of good Ninja obstacles. Here he is practicing the "Warped Wall". It may look like a slide to the casual observer, but Connor knows better.

Paige likes climbing on everything too.

There's a pretty scary rock that you have to cross between some of the equipment. For a while, I held her hand every time she crossed, but eventually I taught her the "bear walk", which may look like crawling, but is much cooler. Paige is very careful!

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Richard said...

Looks like fun for all - and yes, it require a different set of muscles. I'm always a little sore after the first couple of rides, but then your body adjusts. We just got our bikes tuned and cleaned up as well. Maybe we could all ride sometime.