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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Paige is a smart cookie. Every time we drive near the doctor's office, she yells at us "No Shots! No Shots!". Usually we just reassure her that we're just going to the gas station nearby and that it's not our intention to get her shots. Well, Wednesday was the day she'd been dreading. Shots day. She needed a Hepatitis A vaccination as well as a flu shot. Daddy took her this time since normally Mommy has to do it by herself. As soon as she saw us pulling near the office she started yelling at me, and I had to tell her that her horrible fears were true this time. She was very upset.

Baby Woofie was in the car, and I decided to bring Woofie inside with us. I told her that baby Woofie was also getting shots and that she was scared. Paige instantly flipped into caretaker mode and was very brave for baby Woofie. She repeatedly reassured baby Woofie that she'd be ok and not to be scared.

In the waiting room, I took a quick video of Paige talking to (and as) baby Woofie. It's hard to hear the exchange "between" them, but she's talking as both.

Paige did her best to comfort poor baby Woofie.

Paige was very brave when we went back to the exam room. She watched as Daddy got his flu shot, and then it was her turn. She clutched Woofie tight and then the first needle went in. She was very upset. The second needle put her way over the edge and she was shrieking and very sad. Shots suck.

After we got home, Paige told Mommy all about it.

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