Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Connor has an oral fixation and chews on everything, especially if he's nervous. He chews up his fingernails and drives Andrea nuts because he's chewed up the sleeves of multiple shirts as well as multiple nice jackets. It drives us crazy and we've been in the habit of checking his shirts before he goes to school and after he gets off the bus to see if he's been doing it.

This past week he wanted to do some artwork and at bedtime Andrea noticed that there were some weird colors when she was brushing his teeth. We looked in his mouth and there were bits of crayons all over in the grooves of his teeth. It was disgusting and normal brushing wouldn't dislodge it. I had to use a dental pick to scrape it off.

We decided to take a picture of him with some of the crayons he'd chewed for this post and right after I turned my back Andrea saw him chomp off a chunk of the brown crayon. We couldn't believe it, right after we were talking about it. I took a picture of the crayons in his mouth. Disgusting!!! Obviously we still have work to do on breaking this habit.

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