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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paige's ISR swimming refresher

This past week, we got in the hot tub one day and relaxed with the kids and were pretty appalled with Paige's swimming skills. She was really scared to leave the side of the hot tub and the one time I pushed her in to the water, she flailed and struggled. It wasn't pretty. Connor was still jumping in the freezing cold pool, floating, swimming, and doing a wonderful job.

The next week Andrea started Paige again in with Michelle to get a refresher on her swimming. Paige absolutely hated it at the beginning of the week. She shrieked and carried on up until she got in the water, then she actually had a little fun. We went every day in the evening and by Friday she didn't even cry when she went in the water and she had a good time.

After her Friday lesson, she and Connor both got some cool temporary ISR tattoos.

Paige is probably going to go a couple days early this next week, then hopefully we're done. We're pretty sure that once we start swimming again fairly regularly that she'll get back in to her groove. She was doing an amazing job swimming at the end of last year.

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