Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pirate ship park with Trevor

On Saturday, we went to the Pirate Ship park over in the Palencia area in the afternoon. We decided it'd be fun to have someone to play with, so we brought Trevor along too. 

The pirate ship was very cool.

There were a lot of neat things to play on, and of course the kids loved to explore it all. Unfortunately they also noticed that there was no "official" way to get underneath a lot of the equipment. What they did discover is that some mischievous children had dug some holes underneath the wooden walkways and they squirmed through the holes, getting dirty from head to toe. It actually caused Andrea and I to panic momentarily since we hadn't seen them go through the holes and while they were under the equipment we couldn't find them.

Connor is pretty great at the monkey bars.

Paige practiced her balancing. 

Connor and Trevor both liked the sliding handle apparatus. Andrea had to push them around on it.

Afterwards we went to Donovan's Irish pub for dinner, then home!

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