Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Connor's timeline school project

We worked on one of Connor's more difficult projects this weekend. I'd forgotten about it, but thankfully Andrea remembered it was due on Monday, so today we put it together today with our little guy. I printed a series of pictures and picked out one picture for each year of his life. He wrote all the words on the timeline poster in pencil and then traced in permanent marker.

It was a time consuming process to get him to concentrate, write legibly and correctly. I will admit I lost my patience with him a few times when he was rushing and getting sloppy. In the future I will definitely will need to find a way to relax during these projects or maybe take a half dozen shots before we get started.

Connor did well and we think it turned out nicely. We took a video of him presenting it tonight before we went to bed.

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