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Sunday, May 12, 2013

TPC Sawgrass Golf Tournament

Saturday, Andrea and I went to the TPC golf tournament with Angel and Chris. We have never been, so didn't have any inkling of what to expect or how it'd all work. It was neat to go with some people that have experienced it all before and knew where to go and what to do.

We ran in to Chad, Heather, Nicole and Noel partway through the day.

We followed Tiger Woods around for a while, saw the sights and did a lot of people watching. It was super hot at first when we got there, but then it rained for a while around 3 and a lot of people left. After the rain died down, we followed Tiger again and started to stake out some good spots before the crowds arrived that were following Tiger and the other leaders.

We actually ended up on TV a couple times. In one shot you can see the four of us on the right side of the screen just after Tiger finishes teeing off and as he's walking we're in the background.

At the end of the day, we found a really nice spot on the 14th hole where you could see the golfers approaching us and there was a Sirius XM radio announcer standing right next to us talking about what was going on as it was happening. It was neat to have the live narration of who was doing what.

The wind picked up and the sky got dark and we decided to leave before the last few groups arrived. We figured they'd stop play again, however we found out later that they all played through the light rain since there wasn't lightning and we would have been in a perfect spot to see a lot of action. We were disappointed we missed out on that opportunity, but had a great day with friends and enjoyed the whole experience. We definitely will plan to go next year.

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