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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Horsey Farm party for Asher

This afternoon we went to Asher's party at a local horse stable. Andrea and I had actually looked at it a few months ago for Paige's party. The kids absolutely had an amazing time, and it was truly a "country" experience for the families. We did our best to keep the bugs off the food, the kids away from the poop and everyone's hands clean.

Paige loved feeding the little ponies. She really wanted to ride one of the "little horsies", but they were just there for petting and feeding.

One of the big horses dropped a big pile of poop near the fence and the kids all ran over to take a look. Connor was pretty grossed out.

The best part was definitely the horse rides. The horse rides were short walks around a pen, and Connor and Paige wanted to go again and again. After all the kids had taken their turns, most of them lost interest in the horses. At the end of the party, Connor and Paige kept getting back in line again and again with Sophia, Danny and Kenlyn. They probably each rode six of seven times. It seemed like the owner of the horses was getting a little annoyed giving rides to the same kids, but we pretended not to notice.


We also went on a hay ride. We all piled in to a trailer filled with itchy hay and then they drove us out in to a field with a bunch of big friendly horses. The horses stuck their heads right in with everyone and gobbled up the hay. The kids shrieked and freaked out, some of the parents did too. It was an up-close experience with the horses.

All in all, it was probably one of the most memorable parties we've been to, really good fun.

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