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Monday, March 3, 2014

Andrea's new BMW X3

This past week we finally took possession of Andrea's new BMW X3. She's had her BMW 328 for a few years now and while it's been fun to drive and was very cute, it was getting a little tight for our family. We looked at a bigger sedan, however most cars weren't much bigger and the back seats especially were not great for the kids. Since I've already got a big SUV, we didn't want another big vehicle. Andrea came across the X3 and it was a perfect size. Definitely bigger than a car, but still got decent gas mileage and also very fun to drive!

Andrea did all her research and negotiating herself. We found one locally that seemed perfect. We went in and talked to the dealer and were planning to buy it. We took it for an extended test drive and planned to keep it for the weekend. After we drove it around for a while we fell in love with it, until we were in a parking lot and tried to open the doors and realized it didn't have a "comfort access" feature that Andrea had grown accustomed to with her old 328. We returned that car and Andrea looked everywhere for a car that had everything she wanted. Eventually she found one in Georgia that was perfect. She did all the negotiation over the phone, settled on a price and arranged delivery. A trucker met us in a truck stop near us and we exchanged her old 328 for the new X3.

Andrea's been driving her new X3 around for a few days now and so far we love it. It's a great size and a good fit for all of us. We will miss her little race car! I took a pic of her next to it one last time before we gave it up.

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