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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aunt Abby comes to Florida to help after surgery

This past Monday,  Abby flew in to Jacksonville to help us with everything after Andrea's surgery. She flies out today, Saturday. I was a little wishy-washy about accepting any help for the week, but thankfully Andrea insisted on it. In retrospect, I'm not very sure how I would have survived without Abby.

We didn't find out the time of the surgery until the day before. We'd requested that Andrea wasn't the first surgery of the day, but she was. Andrea and I woke up at 5am and were at the hospital by 6am. I'm not sure what I would have had to do with the kids that morning to make it work if Abby hadn't been there. Abby got the kids ready every morning and took them to school and the bus stop. She really did everything in the week that Andrea would typically do. I got pretty far behind on my work since I was at the hospital most of the day Tuesday with Andrea. I eventually got caught back up, but it was a tough week and I never would have caught up without Abby's help.

Abby did some really cute hairstyles for Paigie Pie. Friday's was my favorite and I got a couple cute pics of her braids.

Connor had so much fun playing with Abby, they played football and tennis together and Connor was cracking up like crazy the whole time. He thinks Abby is very entertaining. Paige loved doing girly things with Abby, and although she did throw a huge horrible fit for Abby when she had to leave the park, she really enjoyed having her around. Abby handled Paige and her attitude very well, and she has quite a bit of experience raising Allison. The last night Abby was here, the kids were fighting over Aunt Abby. I know they're going to miss her.

We are extremely lucky we have someone who loves our kids so much and is willing to take time away from her work, family, and life to help us.

Thanks so much Aunt Abby!! We love you!

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