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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's day 2014

Today, we had kind of a chill day pretty close to home for Mother's day. Andrea's really doing pretty well after surgery, but it was our first full day without Aunt Abby around to help us out. We put on some cute clothes and went to Cantina Loredo for lunch and I snapped a few pics of Mommy with the kids before we left.

When we got to the restaurant, I snapped a few pics of the kids before we ate. Connor's friend Trevor had spent the night, so we brought him along too. He wore some of Connor's cute clothes and I fixed his hair too so he'd fit in. The waitress thought that Connor and Trevor were twin brothers!

Happy Mother's day!

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Richard said...

OMG Shawn. Sometimes I can't believe how cute your family is. You take great pics too.