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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grandpa Garry and Grandma Genie visit

This week, Grandpa Garry and Grandma Genie came to visit us. They flew in on Tuesday and have been staying with us all week. They leave on Monday. They've played a little golf, and have spent all kinds of time with the kids. They took the kids to Target for some shopping and got Connor some stuffed animals and books, and Paige got a new Princess Sophia dress and some princess gear.

We've been playing outside quite a bit and have been swimming in our pool too.

I took a video of Grandpa Garry playing football with Connor, Nick, and me.

On Saturday we all went to our beach club for a beach day. We ate lunch when we arrived and snapped some pics.

It was terribly windy on the beach and we didn't stay too long there. Connor and I played the scoop ball game for a bit, but the wind was so bad it was really hard to throw it well. Paige found a bunch of seashells and spent most of her time putting them in a bucket and washing them off.

Thankfully, down at the family pool it was not windy at all and the water was nice and warm. We swam for a while and Connor and I played catch with the scoop balls.

Paige participated in a game the lifeguards organized where they threw toy fish in the pool and the kids had to retrieve them. Paige is too buoyant to dive to the bottom of the pool on her own, so I had to give her a push down so she could grab them. She did pretty well and earned a piece of candy for her effort.

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Richard said...

Beautiful little girl. And Connor can really throw and catch. Impressive.