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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paige at school, posing and slushie chart

I dropped Paige off at school this past week and she looked awfully cute so I had to take a picture. Mommy had braided part of her hair, so she had to turn around just right so it'd be in the picture. She was also wearing a cute necklace that she'd made at school. She poses so cute, we really don't give her any direction on how to do it, she just thinks of her poses all herself.

Paige has had trouble lately at school when I drop her off. Recently, she will cry a bunch and grab me when I try to leave. It's not something she ever did much in the past, but it had gotten pretty consistent and very tiring. Thankfully Andrea came up with a great solution. Near Paige's school is a little convenience store and Paige has gotten a slushie there before that she really enjoyed. We told her that if she is good in the morning when I drop her off she gets a sticker for her sticker chart. If she gets 5 stickers, Mommy will take her to get a slushie after school. Sure enough, the next day she was perfectly happy when I dropped her off. She's been to school three times since we started the chart and has been good all three times.

I took a pic of her with her chart after she got her second sticker! I'm so glad Andrea thought of the chart, it's been a lifesaver.

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