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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Magic Kingdom date night

This Saturday, Andrea and I went to Orlando together to have a date night at the Magic Kingdom. Mrs. Jessie watched the kids, so we were able to get away and do all the adult attractions at the park that we normally have to skip since we have the kids with us. Andrea and I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom without kids since we became parents, so it was a fun opportunity to get away and spend some time together at the park. We drove down after Connor's soccer game and ate at Uno's for lunch.

Unfortunately, we ended up at the park a little earlier than we really intended. We'd planned to stay late, so the lines wouldn't be long, but ended up there in the early afternoon. The park was pretty crowded and we got stuck in some pretty long lines. 

We had a fun time riding Thunder Mountain twice, Space Mountain, the Haunted House, and Splash Mountain.

By the end of the night, the new Snow White rollercoaster "only" had a 60 minute wait (it'd been 70 minutes most of the day). I managed to talk Andrea in to waiting with me and we got our chance to ride the new ride. It was nice, very cute and well put together, but not worth a 60 minute wait.

We didn't end up staying very late, but we got to ride all the things we'd planned to and had a great time together.

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