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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Orlando trip - Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

This weekend we went to Orlando for a one-night visit. We went down after Connor's soccer game and were hoping it wouldn't be too crowded. We knew Magic Kingdom was only staying open until 7pm. We weren't sure why, but were thinking it was just for some renovations or construction. It turned out it was closed to the public after 7, but there were a bunch of Christian rock bands having a big event. We were worried it'd be too busy, but it turned out it wasn't all that busy at all while we were there.


Connor and I had fun on the go-karts.

Everyone loves the People Mover!

Although the kids love it, neither Andrea or I were interested in riding the teacup. We both have been very prone to getting dizzy lately. The kids insisted and I reluctantly gave in. When we sat in the teacup I told the kids that we were riding it together, but I wasn't going to let anyone spin the ride.

I took a picture of their disappointed faces.

I couldn't take the sad faces, so I compromised. I said they could spin it, but I would just take a video and wouldn't help them spin it. I figured they wouldn't be able to spin it very fast.

I was wrong.

I snapped a quick pic of the kids before we got on the Little Mermaid ride.

It was hot out, so we were happy to let the kids play in the Dumbo play area indoors for a while.

Paige really was looking forwards to the Barnstormer rollercoaster and we all rode it with her.

The highlight of the day for Paige was when we went to Belle's Father's cottage. She was selected to be the horse and was a little shy about it at first.

I took a short video of Paige acting out her part of the horse.

She nailed it!

We tried to stay until we were kicked out at 7, but around 5 it started POURING rain. We brought three umbrellas, but they were in the car of course. As it started raining, were about to get on the Jungle Cruise, but it was clear we would get soaked on it so we tried to switch to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride instead. The line was crazy long, but at least it was out of the rain. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes we realized it wasn't moving and people were leaving. Apparently the ride broke down. We decided we may as well leave, so purchased some ponchos and an umbrella and made our way back to the car. Just as we arrived at the car, it stopped raining. Not our best timing, but it was probably a good time to go and we'd already done most of the things we'd planned to do.

On Sunday morning, we went to Hollywood studios. Andrea had gotten us fast passes to the Frozen singalong and the Toy Story ride, which we'd never ridden because of the always-long lines.

Connor and I rode the Toy Story ride together and we snapped a quick selfie afterwards. We all loved the ride, it was probably one of the most fun rides ever!

After we did the sing-along, the Little Mermaid show and a few other things, we decided to leave. On the way home, it rained a crazy amount and it took almost an hour longer than normal to get home. We were glad we left when we did and were happy to get home safe and sound!

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Richard said...

Love the teacup commentary and video. Very cute guys.