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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween night!

Halloween was on a Friday night this year and we were excited to get the kids dressed up and see everyone in their costumes in the neighborhood. Paige dressed up as a peacock and Connor was a cobra snake. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in the 70's and it was a perfect night for Halloween.

We headed over to Gina's house for her party and took some pictures before we left for trick-or-treating.

Gina was dressed up as a firefighter and had on a long wig. She said she wanted to have long hair like Andrea and said she was Giandrea this year.

I took a pic of Andrea and their hair for comparison.

Paige got to play with some silly string.

All the kids got together for a pic.

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick came by to spend Halloween with us too, the kids were excited to see them.

A little before 6pm, we set off to do our trick-or-treating. In the past, it'd been too crazy to try and stick together with everyone so we set off on our own and Logan came with us. Before long we had Trevor and Logan's mom Lynn too.

We saw Paige's friend Olivia and her family trick-or-treating and they took a cute picture together.

Anna had a bunch of food out and had their house open for people to come and hang out. It was right across the street from the house that goes all out with decorations, so it was a popular place to congregate.

Connor and Paige went inside to hang out with Charlie and Owen. Charlie was cutting up candy with scissors and making quite the mess.

After we got done trick-or-treating we went back to Gina's house to play some more and eat candy. They had a fire going and it was nice to rest after our long walk.

Both kids had a lot of fun and got to stay up past 10pm. It was nice that it was on a Friday this year. It was also great fun to have family and friends to spend it with.

Happy Halloween!

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