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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shawn's birthday and tennis weekend with Andrea

This past week was my 35th birthday! I can't believe I'm 35. It sounds like such a grown up and adult age. I feel good, actually I think I'm in the best shape of my life and don't feel old at all. But, 35 definitely sounds old.

The kids made me very cute birthday cards for my birthday and were excited to show them to me. They gave them to me on my birthday, which was on a Tuesday this year. Not a very fun day of the week for a birthday and I mostly worked that day, although the internet lines got cut in the neighborhood so I ran some errands and didn't work too hard on my actual birthday.

Andrea surprised me with a weekend getaway to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Amelia Island Plantation. She arranged for the kids to be with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick this weekend and had everything scheduled for our weekend. On Friday, we drove a little over an hour to the tennis resort and ate a late lunch. Then, we both had private lessons. We went to the Falcon's nest for dinner and ate a big nacho and I had a big milkshake to celebrate my birthday. Party hard!

Saturday morning we had 2 hours of group clinics and then we ate lunch. It was the only time it was a little bit cold. The rest of the weekend was a little warmer, and it was definitely better than the snow everyone else is dealing with up north. We had our private lessons after lunch and then we were pretty exhausted. We had planned to go downtown to do some exploring, but it sounded much nicer to max and relax and then go to a nearby restaurant for steak dinner.

We didn't dress up for the occasion, it was very comfortable and the steaks were delicious. We were back to our rooms pretty early and we watched some Netflix and then went to bed. On Sunday morning we had 2 more clinics and then we were done with tennis. We worked on a lot of things and it was an awesome opportunity for me to get a lot of play time in. We ate lunch at the nearby restaurant and then we headed for home.

It was the perfect gift this year for me. It's not always easy or convenient for me to get out and play much tennis, so I really appreciated all the time I got to spend on it. Andrea and I had a nice relaxing weekend together and it was good timing since I'd been a bit busy and a bit stressed lately. Thanks Andrea!! Love you!

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