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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Paige's 6th Birthday

Today our little Paigie May Marie Magoo turns 6! She has grown up so much in the last year it's hard for me to wrap my head around it sometimes. She is so articulate, can read so well, is so independent and strong willed, so smart, so athletic, so sweet and kind and well behaved lately. She definitely isn't a baby any more.

This morning, I was sound asleep and was slowly coming out of my slumber as I thought I felt a few bugs crawling up my arm. I opened my eyes and let out a shout when I saw Paige inches away from my face, staring intently at me. I scared her probably as much as she scared me. It turned out her hair had been tickling my arm while she was checking on me. I wanted to scold her and go back to sleep, but since it was her birthday I told her happy birthday and scooped her up and cuddled her for a little while. Paige has been counting down the days until her party for a long time and she was so excited for her special day.

We ate breakfast and then got dressed up for the day, and then decided it would be a good time to open presents before Paige's party.

Paige was thrilled with all her presents, it's so easy to buy for her. She got Unicornos, Junie B Jones books, Tsum Tsums, and a fancy waterproof watch.

Before we left for lunch, I went to pick up her cake from our new cake lady Jo. It turned out so well, we were very impressed with the detail and the quality of the work. Genie, Abby, Amanda and Grandma and Grandpa Vernon called to wish Paige a happy birthday and we showed them the cake via Facetime.

Andrea had come up with the design based on some pictures she'd found online. Paige's party is Shopkins themed and the party was designed to look like one of the popular characters named "Cupcake Queen". The cupcake portion was cookies and cream cake and the bottom layer was banana. Jo used all natural ingredients and flavors for everything.

For lunch, we went to lunch at Cantina Laredo (Paige's choice) and she helped with making the guacamole and enjoyed cheese quesadillas for her meal.

Our waiter brought Paige a brownie for her birthday dessert.

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