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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beach camp at PVIC

Connor and Paige did their last week of summer camp last week. Connor loved doing the tennis camp at the Omni last week, but unfortunately there weren't any tennis camps to do this week. Instead, he went along with Paige to the PVIC beach camp. Paige has been a few weeks, but this was only Connor's second. Both kids had a great time at the camp and got to play a lot at the beach and in the pool. They did a sea turtle hunt, beach walks, shark tooth hunts, played soccer on the beach, and did a lot of crafts too. They've gotten to know a lot of the other kids, the counselors and even the lifeguards. It's fun when we all go to the club together and we are getting to know more people.

It's hard to believe summer is already over and they'll be going to school next week. They've had a wonderful summer and I'm glad Andrea found such a diverse amount of camps and activities for them. They've had a good mix of home time, family time, camps, sports, and friends.

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