Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet the teacher day

On Tuesday, August 9th, we went to the kids' schools to meet their new teachers. We started at PVPV with Paige and met Ms. Osburn. Andrea had actually gone on a tour of the school with Heather, who was an assistant principal there last year. During the tour, she took notes as she met the teachers and even wrote down that Ms. Osburn had her door locked per policy and was teaching, while many of the other teachers had already quit for the day. We've heard good things about Ms Osburn and she's been at the same school for 16 years, so she has lots of experience. She actually knew Paige's last teacher Ms. Froehlich back when Ms. Froehlich taught at PVPV.

We picked up the school supplies that Andrea had ordered in the cafeterias and ordered some spirit wear and looked over the activities available at the school.

Afterwards, we went next door to Connor's school and ran in to Heather. We were sad to hear that she is getting transferred to a new job in the district, but it was nice to see her and she showed us the way to meet his teacher Ms. Tucci. Ms. Tucci was very welcoming and seemed to have a lot of energy. It sounds like she got a lot of the good kids in her class, and I'm hoping that Connor is going to meet some great friends.

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