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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Beach day with buddies - Caitlin and Camden

On Sunday, we decided to have a beach day with some friends. Paige invited Caitlin and Connor invited Camden. Both kids live in our neighborhood, so we picked them up on the way out to the club.

We had lunch at PVIC in the Patio and then went to the beach for a little while. Paige struggled with her earplugs and started crying after getting some water in them. Andrea took the girls to get the big unicorn cookie and after a little longer, the boys decided to go to the pool. We hung out at the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Paige and Caitlin went down the slide a bunch and jumped a lot in the pool in the deep end.

Both kids enjoyed their time with buddies and it was pretty chill for Andrea and myself since they were both entertained with their friends. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes on the chair by the pool. We're glad both kids have such nice friends in the area and we will definitely have to do another beach day with buddies soon.

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