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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Old Lady Chloe

Chloe is getting to be quite an old lady. She turned 15 this Fall and recently she had a UTI in October. We treated it with some medication and she seemed to get better, but this past week she threw up a few times and I realized she was getting very skinny. I took her to the vet and she'd gone from 11.4 pounds in October to 10.4 pounds. Her blood work showed some liver function issues, so we've changed her diet to whatever we can find that she will eat, and that will also be easy to digest. The vet also prescribed her some anti-nausea medicine which seemed to make Chloe very dizzy and Chloe may have even had a seizure. Not sure if that was a result of the medicine, but it happened fairly soon after we gave it to her, so we stopped the medicine.

Chloe's gotten some soft dog food as well as beef+rice and this morning she even got some scrambled eggs with the kids. She is enjoying her new diet and is starting to look a little better. We've all been worried about her and I hope she feels much better soon and puts on some weight.

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