Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Paige's first sleepover with Abby + Jr Tennis Extravaganza

On Saturday, the Racquet Club was hosting a Junior Tennis Extravaganza and Paige was excited to go. We decided to carpool with our neighbor Abby, and dropped the girls off at 3:30.

After tennis there was a Lamborghini event and we took the girls for a ride and then went to Barbara Jean's.

The girls had fun at dinner and were having such a good time we decided to ask Abby's mom if Abby could stay the night. The girls were super excited when we got permission for the sleepover.

The girls stayed up fairly late playing games and goofing off together. Abby had trouble falling asleep and at one point we were worried she'd have to go home. Thankfully she talked to her mom and ended up falling asleep. In the morning I was asking the girls what they would like for breakfast and they said they wanted a buffet. I fixed a fruit plate, pancakes, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. Connor was excited to join them as well.

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