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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sick Chloe

Chloe has been a mess lately. She had her UTI in early October and recently we noticed she looked very skinny and she threw up a few days in a row. I took her to the vet and her blood work showed she had abnormal liver values. We tried feeding her all kinds of things to help with her digestive problems. She was excited to eat ground beef in rice, canned dog food, grilled chicken, etc. Unfortunately it didn't seem to help much and her appetite hasn't been great. Chloe continued to have bad diarrhea and vomited a few times. At fifteen years old, we've been worried that this might be the end of the road for Chloe.

I scheduled a euthanasia appointment for Chloe on 11/18, and I was broken hearted about it all week. I struggled constantly with the decision, and although Chloe's digestion didn't improve, she put on a little weight and seemed to be in good spirits. On the fateful day, we started leaning towards giving her more time, and when the vet arrived we were interested to see what she thought. Dr. Katie examined Chloe and after a discussion we decided to try some medicine and a new diet.

We love our Chloe Bear so much and I really hope that she pulls through and we have more time together.

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