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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Field Day! 4th Grade - Paige with Ms Link's class

Today was 4th grade field day at Paige's school and she wore her coral colored shirt and participated with her class. The day started off with the 1 mile relay race and Paige ran her leg super fast and helped the team narrowly squeak out a win. Paige's friend Rebecca caught up to the blue team on the last lap and barely got ahead at the finish line, so close!

Next up was the 50 yard dash, which Paige didn't do, and then Paige's best event the 100 yard dash. Paige came in the top 3 in her qualifying heat and in the final heat she came in 3rd place. She did awesome, there are some super fast kids in her grade.

We loved to see Paige goofing off with her friends and class and watching everyone compete. It was a beautiful day for it, not too cold or hot and the rain that had been in the forecast all week held off until the evening. Paige competed in the potato sack race and her class won the tug of war event, which is always a favorite.

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