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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, March 23, 2020

Quarantine Routine - COVID19

Spring break didn't turn out how we'd planned or hoped and for the past week we've been keeping our distance from people and doing our best to stay virus-free amid the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The kids have been happy so far to be home and we've tried to work on developing a routine to keep everyone busy, happy, and healthy. It's been nice that we don't have to wake up early for middle school and most days we don't set an alarm in the morning.

The kids have a checklist of activities that they need to do each day, but they still have had plenty of time to watch Netflix on their iPads and play video games. Connor's been keeping in touch with his friends by playing Fortnite with them and he's moved from the Xbox to the Nintendo Switch and recently he's been working on mastering the computer.

Next week their school is planning to start some online learning and since Connor's been on the desktop computer so much we ordered a laptop for Paige to use. She's been playing on one of my old work laptops from time to time and has taken very good care of it, so we decided it would be a great opportunity for her to have a nice device of her own.

The weather's still been pretty nice for the most part and it's started to get warm. The kids have spent at least an hour swimming in the afternoon each day and they've gotten creative with things to do in the pool to keep it fun.

The kids and I have been jogging recently as well. I went twice with both of them and we do the entire 6 mile route to the south gate of the neighborhood and back. There is a bit of walking and I carry the kids sometimes if they get too whiny, but they've been pretty tough about it for the most part. We chat throughout the run and talk about everything from Roman plumbing, energy technology, computer components, history, the meaning of life, and anything that pops in to our heads.

We've gotten our refrigerator fairly stocked recently and have been cooking at home more than ever. Andrea made some grilled cheese and ham sandwiches the other day and Connor loved them so much we had to make him seconds. We still try to get takeout for lunch each day and although the restaurants have been ordered to close their dining areas, almost all of them are still open for drive-through or carryout.

Andrea's been disappointed that she hasn't been able to get right back in to tennis. She's been so patient with her surgery recovery and was just starting to feel like she was back form recently on the tennis court. Each night we try to go on a long walk or bike ride and she also has been doing a lot of online Youtube workouts including arm exercises, leg exercises and yoga. She has done 17 days of yoga now and is getting more comfortable with it every day.

We've been spending a lot of family time together during the past week. Every night we watch "The Great British Baking Show" and tonight we finished the first season which we'd actually started during Thanksgiving. Although our favorite baker did not win, we enjoyed it and the kids already wanted to start the second season.

We've been tracking the spread of Coronavirus daily and for reference I've posted a screenshot from today's tracker. The website is maintained by John Hopkins and it's been an invaluable resource to keep track of the global spread. Hoping that the numbers start to slow down soon, but so far there's no sign that it will.

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