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Monday, April 20, 2020

Andrea's 40th Birthday

This year was a big birthday for Andrea and on Sunday she turned 40! The world is pretty much shut down for Coronavirus, but we did our best to make her day special since she is a special person. Some of her friends sent her gifts, I got her some flowers, fruity pebble rice crispy treats, a cake, some sweet treats, and a new watch.

The kids both made some cute cards for Andrea. After opening up her Apple watch and getting it setup, we went to the neighborhood tennis courts for some family tennis time and then I picked up some BBQ for lunch.

Andrea's friend Gina got her a surprise from the "Big Yard Card" and they setup a cute sign overnight so it was all setup for Andrea's birthday morning. I snapped a few pics of Andrea with the signs and I also setup my camera on a tripod and timer so we could get a family shot.

Gina stopped by in the afternoon to see the signs and I snapped a pic of Andrea with Gina with a little bit of social distance between them. We chatted with the Fishman family for a little while and a lot of people wished Andrea a happy birthday as they drove and walked past.

Andrea enjoyed her birthday and made a little TikTok video with Paige to celebrate. She is feeling good, healthy, and I hope she is also feeling loved on her 40th birthday.

Happy birthday Andrea! We love you!

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Richard said...

Yay for birthdays!!! So good to continue to have them. Glad Andrea is doing so well. Love the Big yard sign. That's pretty cool. And also love the little dance routines that Andrea and Paige did. So cute, both of them.