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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Third week of Quarantine - COVID19

This past week we completed our third week of life in the Coronavirus Quarantine.

Andrea has been staying active and is feeling well so far. Since her immune system still may not be 100% after her chemotherapy and recent surgery, we have tried to be very cautious with what we do, what we eat, and what we expose ourselves to. We have still been getting carryout food on most days and we make sure to wipe everything down that we bring in to the house. We needed some groceries and had them delivered last week and we needed some things from Target and did their online ordering where you pull up and they bring them out to your car. I did go in to Publix once to get ice and in retrospect I wish I'd worn my mask for it. Although I was only in the store for 2-3 minutes, I was incredibly aware of all the people around me and wondering what I was breathing in. Recently the government's released recommendations that people should wear masks in public, but most people still do not. Yesterday was the first time that I saw more than a few wearing masks, but I'd still say that less than half are doing so when they're out in stores and around other people.

The kids have been enjoying the pandemic for the most part, I honestly have a feeling they will remember this time fondly. We spend a lot of time together and try to limit the amount of electronics time. If given the choice, I know they both would 100% of the time choose to play Fortnite on their computers, so we make sure that they spend a reasonable amount doing electronics but also make sure they have time to do other things. They play well together and they are so lucky to have each other. Connor is such a funny guy and you can tell it's almost a relief in a way when electronics aren't an option. He is cute with Paige and although he antagonizes her quite a bit, he is such a sweet brother. Paige enjoys doing just about everything and she likes to get out with us sometimes to go get food or run errands. It's crazy to think that Connor's barely left the neighborhood in the past few weeks. It's been a week since the kids went on a run with me. They've been collapsing on the floor in agony if I even suggest it, and I haven't been pushing it. They were supposed to ride bikes with me this morning while I ran, but Connor was having a meltdown and Paige wasn't awake yet, so I decided to let them off the hook. We still go on bike rides with them and they love to swim in the pool, but I wish we could go play tennis or do something fun together. Their online schooling started off rocky, but has been getting smoother and the technology issues are being resolved with the Schoology system and other online materials. Connor has quite a few online meetings throughout the week, but it really doesn't seem to be super time consuming. Andrea is helping him right now and they're learning some geometry and algebra that Connor struggled with last week. Paige's online schooling has been pretty easy for her so far. Her computer's worked well for everything and she breezes through the assignments and is way ahead at the moment. She only has a couple of online meetings throughout the week and is done pretty early every day.

For me, it's been an odd mix of anxiety and comfort. I'm happy that we prepared for emergencies in the past and we are fortunate that my work has been mostly unaffected by the pandemic so far. That said, I'm still having trouble sleeping and I'm constantly checking the news and watching the market. I feel somewhat guilty trying to consider investment choices at a time like this, but I'd pulled all of our non-retirement money out of the market last year when the yield curve inverted and during trade tariff issues with China. With the market down at the moment, I feel like it's important to consider entry points for some funds and stocks that may be a good value. Anyways, that kind of thing has been weighing on me. I wanted to do some good for others and looked in to blood donations, however the websites showed that our local hospitals have ample blood supplies on hand through at least mid-April and I was directed to wait and check back at that time. I've decided to grow out my beard since we're all cooped up anyways and I can't get a haircut, so if this goes on too long I might end up looking like a Neanderthal emerging from his cave when this is over.

We've been cooking at home and we've been trying to involve the kids in the food preparation as well. Connor's been grudgingly learning what the different appliances do, and yesterday he helped to heat up some pizza in the toaster oven.

This past week Andrea found a lady on Facebook that was selling some sugar cookie decorating kits. She got one for us and one for the Fishman family and she decorated some of the cookies with Paige last night.

Globally, the number of confirmed cases blew past one million and the United States crossed over 250,000 cases. The number of deaths is expected to peak in mid-April for some areas, and right now the projected deaths for America is between 100,000 and 240,000. I have a feeling those numbers will be higher, but it's definitely too early to know for sure. Right now, I'm anticipating that we're going to be quarantining until July at the earliest unless something major happens to resolve this pandemic. Praying that we remain healthy!

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Richard said...

Those cookies look good. Can't wait to try some homemade cookies sometime. :-)
It's also good for Paige and Connor to learn some basic cooking. You never know, they might have to cook for themselves sometime... and conditions could be much more adverse.
Glad Andrea is doing well. Take care you all.