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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Week 4 of quarantine - COVID19 update - 4-12-2020

This past week is our fourth week of quarantining at home due to the Coronavirus. Things didn't change a lot in the last week and it was pretty much business as usual with the kids doing online learning, Andrea going out to get us food and keep the kids occupied, and me doing my work.

Recently there are more people out wearing masks and taking everything more seriously. Initially, everyone was just making a big fuss about washing hands, but as I'd been following the Coronavirus news closely for a while I suspected it was more contagious and wasn't a simple hygiene issue. Recently, there are a lot of studies showing that it can be spread through the air and at first people were thinking it was only from sneezes and coughs, but now it's believed it could spread even from just talking/breathing. Thankfully, for woodworking and cleaning purposes, I had a 3M N95 mask in my toolbox, and I've worn it out a few times now when I have to go in to a store. It felt more weird at first, but probably about 50% of the people you see out in public are wearing them now.

America, by far, has the most cases of any country and this past week New York's been impacted heavily. It looks like the peak # of cases for New York may be coming up soon, and it looks like the number of cases elsewhere in the country will peak at different times. It's unclear how much longer we'll be expected to stay at home and how that will affect the country. In our home, we're all feeling pretty decent for the most part and we hope that we stay healthy.

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Richard said...

Glad the kiddos are able to do some on line learning. That, in itself, is so cool.
Good to see you have a good mask. Helpful these days. Hope this is over soon.