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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, April 20, 2020

Week 5 of quarantine - COVID19 update - 4-20-2020

Another week down in quarantine. Work and school like normal this past week, nothing big different for our family. Paige has been learning some TikTok dances and we let her download the app with some parental restrictions in place. She got us all to learn a few dances lately and we enjoyed dancing together as a family.

The weather's been getting warmer and we've been playing tennis together on our neighborhood courts. Andrea never really played much singles prior to the quarantine, but she has gotten really good really fast. We typically play one court with Paige and then another court with the older family members. When I play against Andrea and Connor I typically give them one or two advantages to make it a little more even. I usually give Connor unlimited serves and Andrea usually gets to hit in to the doubles lines and I also have to return her second serve cross court, not too hard, to get the point started.

Connor took a video of Andrea and me, unfortunately he is still working at how to hold a camera still for a video so it's fairly shaky. I think I actually won the points in the videos, but Andrea ended up winning the match, she is tough to beat.

We've heated the hot tub a few times when the weather is warm enough for swimming.

The kids have been helping with cleaning up around the house and Andrea took a few pics of them while they were doing their chores.

Andrea's learned how to do french braiding and is getting pretty good at it.

We still get out once a day to pick up lunch. We finally did get some masks in the mail and wear them when we get out.

Coronavirus cases continue to climb. America has more than 750,000 and crossed 40,000 deaths. There are some signs that the spread may be slowing, and there have been some people protesting the shutdown lately. It's hard to know exactly how everything is going with all the information and misinformation out there. We're hopeful that things will return to normal soon, but it seems more likely that it will be a while yet.

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Richard said...

Oh yeah - like that braid. Lookin good!
And yes, very good for the kiddos to pitch in with chores. Teaches them so many things and gives a sense of belonging to the house, and the house belonging to them. You begin to see things in the house differently when you clean. Alice and I thoroughly clean once a week - sometimes a day or two longer if there's lots to do. Right now - once a week. ;-)