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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day weekend

This Sunday is Mother's Day and we had nice cool weather in Florida. It was supposed to rain on Sunday, but for the most part it's been beautiful so far and the rain ended up south of us. Saturday morning I went for a run, then a walk with Andrea. In the afternoon we went to the beach and Andrea went for a long walk while the kids played in the ocean for a little while. The water was cool, but actually not as cold as I'd expected. The unfortunate issue is that it was super windy down in the sand. It was actually not too bad if you weren't on the beach, but the wind did kind of make it a little miserable after a while. The kids ended up cold and we didn't stay all that long.

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, Andrea and I played at the club in a couple of drill clinics. We picked up Valley Smoke BBQ for our lunch and we set the table and used real plates to make it fancy for Mommy. Andrea's been having a lot of tension and pain in her back and neck, so we got her a massage gun for Mother's Day and thankfully it showed up on time, it was actually scheduled to show up tomorrow but arrived a little early.

We are very thankful for Andrea and that she's healthy and happy. Last Mother's Day we had just learned about Andrea's breast cancer diagnosis and it honestly feels like a lifetime ago, she's been through so much since then. Happy Mother's Day Andrea, you are so strong and we love you so much!

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Richard said...

Yay and happy Mothers Day. You guys all look so healthy. Love it!!!