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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Paige's 10th birthday

Thursday was Paige's 10th birthday and we did our best to make it special and meaningful for her. On Wednesday night we had her sleep in Connor's room while I put together her new chair and desk that Andrea picked out. It had been delivered a while ago and the boxes had been covered up in the garage, so we were happy that it was in great shape and all the pieces were present. Andrea got her desk organized and on Thursday morning I went out to pick up her balloons so we could decorate the room. On our run last week Paige had actually been lamenting the fact that Connor had taken over the desk downstairs and that she'd been relegated to her little wooden table and chair for the past couple months, so the desk is definitely something she needed and that she will use.

We took a short video of the big reveal and she was surprised.

After her desk and chair reveal, we did some work and schoolwork while Andrea went out to get Paige's goodies and her cake. I picked up food from Cantina Laredo and Andrea set up her goodies and the gifts that had been mailed to her.

After dinner, Paige opened her gifts and then we lit 10 candles on Paige's cake and sang her "Happy Birthday".

Overall, I think her birthday was as good as we could have made it considering the circumstances. We'd planned to have her birthday at Jax Cooking School like her friend Cailyn had done earlier this year ( Unfortunately, with this situation, that wasn't possible. Instead of getting a refund for our deposit, we had them make Paige's cake, which turned out really nicely. It had strawberry filling and cake with lots of sprinkles. We also had them make us beef stroganoff and some sides so we got a really tasty family meal.

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Richard said...

Wish we could have been there for our sweet granddaughters birthday. Miss Connor and Paige and all their nice hugs. Looks like she had a nice birthday.