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Friday, May 22, 2020

Last day of school for kids - Paige 4th grade and Connor 7th grade

Today was pretty much the last day of school for the kids and we snapped a couple of pictures at the end of the day. There are technically some conferences next week, but kids were required to return any electronics to the school and the grades are all posted and complete. Yesterday, Andrea took Connor by the school to pick up his things and today I took Paige by her school to drop off her library book and to receive her school supplies and say farewell to her teachers.

We typically take pics of the kids with their backpacks on, but they haven't been wearing them or actually going to school for a few months, so that seemed a little silly. Instead, Paige decided to hold her laptop and we made Connor hold his new mechanical keyboard for the pic. It seemed fitting since they've been using them a lot this Spring.

Both kids finished the year on the A honor roll, and we're super proud of them for being so adaptable, flexible, and for staying focused and working hard throughout this weird time. Great work kids!

Quick link to the first day of school post from August 2019:

Side-by-side with the first and last day of school pics.

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Richard said...

That's great. They do so well! And they're growing so quickly. And both so good looking. You all are doing great!