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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 10, 2019

First day of school 2019

The first day of school for the kids is Monday August 12th. We decided to get the "Back to School" pics of the kids on Friday since it's super hard to get the pics on the actual first day of school. Connor has to get up before 6am and his bus arrives at 6:45am. Paige gets up shortly after Connor leaves and her bus arrives around 7:30. It is tough to get them up, breakfast, ready and snap pics, especially since they're getting up at different times. Anyways, that's why we decided to get their back to school pics a little early.

I put together the back to school collage and it really kind of hit me how much they have grown and changed over the years. The first pic is Connor getting ready for his first day of kindergarten and the last pic is Connor getting ready for 7th grade and Paige getting ready for 4th grade. We love these two so much! It's amazing how fast they change.

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